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Template: Kovalev Metro Section
08-31-2020, 01:23 PM
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RE: Template: Kovalev Metro Section
I discovered more details about some rooms by enabling the Brush Colliders - level07_metro_entrance01.smf, level07_metro_entrance01_01.smf, level07_metro_entrance03.smf and level07_metro_aircor08.smf have collision detection covering the open doorways, meaning that in theory even if there's no door it'll still prevent you from trying to go through it. Adding further proof of this is that the double doors created specifically for Kovalev's starting area (level07_metro_entrance01_01.smf) have no collision detection, but the collision detection already covering the open doorway of the room model makes it appear that the doors serve as a wall. This is further proof that those doorways were never intended to be connected to any other room. Strangely, there's no collision detection covering the doorway in level07_metro_entrance02.smf even though it wasn't meant to be connected to a room as well. To sum up, if you ever intend to use the aircor section in a Fan Mission, it's best that they serve as an extraction point. My current Fan Mission utilizing some of the cut Kovalev rooms will not use the aircor section.
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