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Template: Kovalev Metro Section
10-22-2019, 03:30 AM
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RE: Template: Kovalev Metro Section
I've decided I'll work on a new Fan Mission where Strogov starts off at the metro station and needs to infiltrate the police station to assassinate Gorlov in the cell blocks, plus eliminate one other target on the third floor (I'm thinking of Rachinskiy (Terrance Shaw)). My plan is this:
  • You'll infiltrate the police station via the pump station, which is the reverse of Check and Mate where you leave via the pump station.
  • I'm going to experiment with a different layout for the police station. There are at least a couple of unused rooms for the police station I could use.

The reason why I've decided to do this now is because my current planned second Fan Mission, Would You Kindly, is taking way too long (nearly two years) to get done, and I'm nowhere near finished because I still haven't figured out the overall level design. I won't start right away because Alexey's return has coincided with the release of the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragonhold. Once I get through the questline (which normally takes a few days), I'll start the process.
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