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Template: Kovalev Metro Section
10-21-2019, 03:00 PM
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RE: Template: Kovalev Metro Section
(10-21-2019 12:22 PM)Alexey Wrote:  Yes, it's close. Here is old version of the level that i found, don't know though if it will work or crash in game, but at least it's working in editor.

Well, this confirms my suspicions about the rooms. From what I can gather so far, it seems like Kovalev has to infiltrate the police station via the subway and sabotage a generator in the basement. And also, when looking at the "hole" in the room meant to be linked to the air corridors rather than the pump station, it seems like Strogov was meant to extract Gorlov to this spot rather than assassinate him as an objective in the E3 2010 Demo suggests (though in the DtS3 Demo's files, Gorlov's Actor Template has his Nation set to "Friend" which implies otherwise). I guess this became the basis for extracting Pearson in the final version.

Also, I can't see any spawn points for Olga, so this means either her objectives weren't implemented or she was never meant to be in this level. Thanks for giving us new insights into what the level could have been, Alexey.
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