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Features for sequal?
11-30-2018, 04:41 AM
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RE: Features for sequal?
I too enjoy MoT gameplay, but it mostly suits wartime scenarios. Been sinking my teeth into AG for the first time with Liz's mod though, and I'm having a blast.

Regarding the episodic idea: This could work really well with a Hidden & Dangerous 2 style meta-game. You basically have a team of spies and saboteurs from which you choose one for each mission (with perma-death of course). The RP could then also function in a semi-realistic way ; the better you do on missions the more the higher ups are impressed, and the more your department gets funding to buy new gear etc. Yoi could basically just scrap the story and cut scenes this way and still keep it engaging.

And as long as we're fantazising, I'd really love a potential sequal to be more Russian/Eastern based. I'd love to see more missions based in the '45-'48 timeframe when Soviets and the Allies were quietly fighting over Europe. The time is period is one of the most interesting parts of Cold War and would offer pretty much endless possibilities for different mission types in cool locations.
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