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Template: Kovalev Metro Section
10-20-2019, 02:49 PM
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Template: Kovalev Metro Section
Lately, I've been analyzing unused assets in the editor, and experimented with joining rooms together to better understand what whole sections of certain missions could have been had the original concepts for Death to Spies 3 been kept. In particular, I've been joining sections of the cut subway section meant for Kovalev's gameplay mechanics together to figure out what works, and what could be used for Fan Missions and improvements to the final cut of Check and Mate.

Yesterday, I started making a template of the subway section, and attempted to recreate some rooms based on early screenshots and what very few Environment Samples and Lightmaps are still present. I've attached the first version of the template. This is NOT a playable Fan Mission.

Some notes:
  • The subway station rooms are joined together, but level07_metro_entrance02.smf and level07_metro_entrance03.smf have open doorways, and I'm not sure what sort of rooms they're meant to be connected to, if any.
  • I don't understand where level07_metro_sign03.smf would have been used.
  • Not all the available tunnel sections connect to each other without cloning or rotating them to fit.
  • The hardest section I find understanding is the aircor section. Eight rooms are present in the game files. There's a screenshot on Unseen64 which shows that level07_metro_aircor08.smf and level07_pod_kor11.smf were originally connected via a hole. However, level07_pod_kor11.smf has since been redesigned and the original is not in the game files. The floor and ceiling of the respective rooms are still in the files however, and three versions of each were created. So, the best model to use for the ceiling is level07_metro_aircor08_p01.smf.
  • level07_metro_aircor08.smf also has an open doorway, however there aren't any other rooms to fit said doorway due to it being smaller.

Alexey, can you please take a look at what I've done so far and maybe give feedback on what rooms were intended for what purpose? Also, how much of Kovalev's section of Check and Mate was completed before being scrapped?

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