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Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 01-10-2020 03:52 PM

Spent days figuring out how several cut areas intended for You Only Live Twice (the only other mission besides Check and Mate with lots of unused room models) connect with the final level design. It's difficult to make sense of what had to be sacrificed for You Only Live Twice, since prior to the Kickstarter campaign there were no screenshots or footage of that level. Thankfully, in the game files there exist test models created as plans for various areas - level09_06.smf helped me understand how the Kovalev zone rooms connect with each other for example. I've created a Template recreating the final layout of the level, along with most of the cut rooms. It's primarily rooms, no doors or anything like that. Again, this is NOT a playable Fan Mission.

Some notes:
  • Floor 2 of the complex was originally connected via air vents, as shown in level09_02.smf and level09_complex_bottom.smf. The air vent models in question are level09_airtrunck15.smf, level09_airtrunck16.smf and level09_airtrunck17.smf.
  • The most baffling cut section of the level is the aforementioned air vents (or airtrunck). 24 models were created, but only 8 ended up being used, and at least 2 have been redesigned since level09_09.smf was created.
  • I have no idea what the intended purpose was for the two addroom models, although they do connect very well to the small collector zone (where Strogov starts the level in the final game).
  • The Kovalev and big collector zones are linked with each other, but I have no idea how they connect with the rest of the level. Was Kovalev only meant to stay in this particular area?
  • Floor 4 of the complex wasn't meant to have the lift access room connected to it as shown in the plans. Floor 5 (where the admiral is) however still has an exit door (in the final game, it's hidden by a blast door, which is a smart move as the final level design makes it impossible to add a new room there).
  • There are two unused complex floors still in the game files. Were they cut because they were unnecessary, or were they designed for Kovalev or Olga?
  • I also have no idea where the entry rooms were meant to be located. level09_entry04.smf looks like it's meant to be a lift access room, but none of the lift shaft models fit the gaps.
  • level09_exit02.smf has an extra open doorway, but it's shut by a blast door in the final game. I've attempted to connect unused rooms to this doorway.

Feedback on what I've done so far is appreciated.

RE: Template: Bunker - Alexey - 01-16-2020 07:26 PM

Nice research Wink
I can give you some old level with this rooms if you need. But it will not work or crash in the game, i suspect.

RE: Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 01-17-2020 03:09 AM

(01-16-2020 07:26 PM)Alexey Wrote:  Nice research Wink
I can give you some old level with this rooms if you need. But it will not work or crash in the game, i suspect.

I have no intention of testing the rooms out in-game, an old copy of the level for the editor will help me understand the rooms better, thanks.

RE: Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 02-25-2021 01:30 AM

I've figured out a potential way to restore the top complex floors into the final game while making them slightly consistent with the rest of the complex floors, and I've attached an updated version of the bunker template mission. A new observation I should point out here:
  • The silo complex was originally going to be arranged like a wedding cake instead of being split into two. This is best seen by looking at level09_02.smf and level09_03.smf with the Brush Colliders enabled - the top and bottom halves respectively can be seen.

Again, this is not a playable Fan Mission. I've done enough work on You Only Live Twice for v0.10 of the Addon that I won't have time to actually implement new areas, but in the future expanding the level a bit could potentially be something to do, and maybe add a new assassination target and objective - Uve could be a suitable candidate. However, one problem persists - what purpose were the top floors meant to serve in the original concept, and why were they cut when the scenario was changed? Alexey, if you have a beta build of You Only Live Twice, can you please release it so I can have a better understanding of what the original plans for the level were like before the redesign? Thanks.

RE: Template: Bunker - Alexey - 02-26-2021 11:40 AM

Here is intermediate level version. There is missing lighting, gameplay will not work (or crash), but i guess it is one of the latest versions before we started to change things quite a lot.

RE: Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 02-26-2021 01:20 PM

(02-26-2021 11:40 AM)Alexey Wrote:  Here is intermediate level version. There is missing lighting, gameplay will not work (or crash), but i guess it is one of the latest versions before we started to change things quite a lot.

I can't open it. Maybe can you please try to save it as a zip?

RE: Template: Bunker - Alexey - 02-26-2021 05:04 PM

(02-26-2021 01:20 PM)Liz Shaw Wrote:  
(02-26-2021 11:40 AM)Alexey Wrote:  Here is intermediate level version. There is missing lighting, gameplay will not work (or crash), but i guess it is one of the latest versions before we started to change things quite a lot.

I can't open it. Maybe can you please try to save it as a zip?

RE: Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 02-27-2021 03:52 PM

Thanks for that, Alexey. Now I can submit what I've learned from it:
  • As I suspected, level09_airtrunck14.smf was supposed to connect to the big collector rather than the small collector, and the small collector was originally going to have at least three vent entrances instead of one, and didn't have a shaft like the big collector (this is shown in level09_smallcollector.smf - the room in-game is split into three parts because too many lights rendered onto a single brush causes errors to pop up in the editor).
  • The vents that originally connected the small collector with the big room where you can use the pillars on the bottom floor to evade guards (level09_firezone02.smf and level09_firezone03.smf) were level09_airtrunck22.smf and level09_airtrunck21.smf - the latter still surprisingly fits well with level09_airtrunck19.smf.
  • The addroom models connect with the small collector and end at the elevator shaft which was supposed to connect the techzone to the entrance. Kovalev was to perform a certain task in this area - perhaps the elevator started out inoperable and so he has to turn it on for the others to use.
  • Kovalev starts the mission having somehow climbed down the shaft of the big collector area - no parachute is present anywhere in this build, so how else would he have made it without breaking his neck?
  • Kovalev has an interaction with some oxygen cylinders, where he can push one off the ledge so it lands on two resting soldiers.
  • Kovalev has to turn off the main air conditioning fan so he can reach the other side of the big collector.
  • Did you ever notice in the final game that there's a suspended crate in the room where you can trigger a cart to move into the turntable? Well, it turns out, while in the vents, Kovalev was supposed to have an interaction where he can use a circuit breaker to deactivate the crane, and causing the crate to land on two soldiers.
  • Olga starts the mission having infiltrated the bunker's main entrance by hiding in a truck. There are no interactions associated with her anywhere to be found in this build, so I'm at a loss as to what she was supposed to do. Though apparently, you can climb up onto the observation platform in level09_entry02.smf - which is apparently the only time the "Have you switched lights off?" sign is used - and some ladders from the cut replica Chinese junk in Red Dragon are used here. Maybe Olga was supposed to do something here?
  • Strogov starts the mission in a location where you'd never think he'd start after the scenario was changed - the armory.Rolleyes
  • Apparently, the guards originally carried AKMs and PMs instead of Thompsons and Colts.
  • MenCivil is way out of place for a secret underground bunker, good thing he was replaced with more military types, but this is why the AI Form "Civilian" exists in the final version of the level.
  • Only two military policemen are present in this build, both of whom are found in the entrance.
  • Strogov has two interactions where he can steal an access card from two sleeping NPCs. The first NPC is a civilian who starts off chatting with a soldier on Floor 2 (MenCivil02) and then goes to the storage area on Floor 3 where you can get the Peanut Powder in the final version, before heading to the central room on Floor 2 to have a nap - in the final version, the central room is where you can obtain a spare soldier uniform. This civilian has a unique AI Form called "Civilian2", which isn't present in the final version of the zones.shadvs file.
  • The second NPC Strogov can steal a card from is Bruce Gardner's adjutant. In this build, he starts off sitting in the same chair his boss would use in the final build, but after you enter Floor 5, he alternates between paying a visit to some officers on the top floors of the complex before heading for the infirmary - instead of complaining about the doctor being absent, he sits on one of the beds and waits for the doctor to give him an injection. Strogov has another interaction where he can swap syringes so the adjutant falls asleep. As a side note, in the DtS3 Demo's files, Actor "BoydeAdutant" didn't have a nude skin yet - it was later decided to have Strogov take his clothes instead of stealing an access card off him. This is why the skin tone on the nude model's head contrasts greatly with the rest of the body.
  • There's an officer in the lift room on Floor 5 with a cut AI Form "Officer2". Presumably he would have had an access card too.
  • There's a spare card in the bunk room on Floor 3, where you can also find a spare soldier uniform instead in the final build - the card still has the default Red Dragon member card skin instead of the Marilyn Monroe CIA pass skin used in the final build.
  • There's a Gestapo officer on Floor 7 with the ID "BOSS" and a cut AI Form "MegaOfficer". This is obviously a placeholder for Fichtner, or as he was better known back in the DtS3 Demo days, Kneller.
  • The interaction where you can short circuit a fuse box to distract the CIA agent guarding the door to Fichtner's office in the final game had a different purpose in this build - there was originally a squashed generator underneath the cables on the floor that would have electrocuted Kneller as he was standing on it when the fuse box was short circuited.
  • Thanks to this build, I now know what the purpose of the top floors were - they were also places where scientists and officers could be found, and there's even some toilets. As a side note, in the DtS3 Demo's files, the interaction where you can take a scientist's clothes would have shown as "USE OPERATOR'S CLOTHING" instead of "USE SCIENTIST'S CLOTHING".
  • level09_airtrunck01.smf and level09_airtrunck02.smf went unused even in this build.
  • level09_exit06.smf was originally a small room, but was redesigned into a footbridge. The only difference between it and level09_exit05.smf is the top doorway frames.
  • level09_exit01.smf and level09_firezone01.smf were also redesigned. Originally the gap at the top of the stairs would have covered the whole arch rather than just a portion of it - this is why level09_closer.smf is used for the entrance. It was changed likely so they could fit some blast doors that'll help players identify the helipad in the final game.
  • No doubt the lifts themselves were different in design before the scenario was changed - you'd have to scale them and the doors to better fit the early shafts today.

And that's everything I think. Thanks again for giving us insight into what You Only Live Twice could have been, Alexey.

RE: Template: Bunker - Liz Shaw - 06-30-2021 04:07 PM

Two more observations to point out here:
  • In the Admiral's office, there's a safe that you can open. The only thing inside is an item you can pick up, with the ID 'LP01'. Presumably this means you would have gotten a lift pass from it. It's not there in the final build, obviously, but it has got to be the basis for the Level 5 Access Pass that you can find in the safe in the presidential suite (no such safe exists in the beta version).
  • In the level's zones.shadvs file, there exists a zone which goes unused named "#steal". I now believe that, going by the AI forms registered to that zone, that it was supposed to be used for the original scenario of stealing a pass from the adjutant.