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Full Version: Suggestion: More moderators or report user feature
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Having one moderator on a forum where spambots frequently post messages almost every day isn't good. Also, I noticed that this forum doesn't have a report user option like other forums. We have to do something about all these spambot messages - no matter how many messages get deleted, the same bots return and post the same messages, in addition to new ones logging in to post the same crap. The Alekhine's Gun thread bears the brunt of the spambot postings, with the result that it becomes drowned in spambot messages very quickly the longer the moderator is absent.

So I suggest we have more moderators, or add a report user feature to the forum. I report some of the messages, but most of the time the offending bot goes unpunished. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
I want to be mod too, since I'll be visiting this forum at least once per month from now on. Heart
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