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Full Version: Alekhine's Gun Enhancement Addon v0.05
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v0.05 of the Enhancement Addon is out, and a big thanks to Haggard Games for releasing most of the remaining levels for the editor. Here's the changelog, breaking it up by level:

  • The lightmaps in the garage have been updated to accomodate the extra signs (Snake Born).
  • Actors "Lackey", "Waiter", "Waitress", "Housemaid", "VillaWoman" and "SwissWoman" now have exportable Voice Templates.
  • Made copies of gun cleaning animations so they use TT and Walther models, instead of a Colt.
  • Created a ConfLogic file and associated dialogue files for female Germans.
  • The JFK speech on the radios can now be heard from nearby rooms (Omerta).
  • Created a copy of the Tranquilizer Gun, with a clip size of 5 and which cannot be selected in equipment loadouts. This is the only way to create Tranquilizer Guns with up to 5 rounds in maps.
  • With the new Tranquilizer Gun, it's now possible to do Ghost Chameleon runs on all missions. Two of these guns can be found in each storage shed in Ghosts of the Past, one can be found under the American agent's bed next to the soporific in A Mole Among Us, and the gun in the armory in Check and Mate has been replaced with this copy.
  • Removed duplicates of certain AI zone reactions in Angels in Texas, Black Book and You Only Live Twice.
  • Applied ComradeReptiloid's AI zone reaction hotfix, which sets the priority for the "InformGuard" and "InformGuardAggression" reactions back to 4.

A Mole Among Us
  • A picture in Room 12 is now properly on the wall.
  • Updated lightmaps.
  • There are now more women, mostly for atmospheric purposes.
  • The policeman guarding Room 12 can now be distracted by turning on a nearby radio, but only after you plant the bug on the diplomat's phone.
  • All the toilet stalls in the bar now have their lights on.
  • The gun which the traitor is seen cleaning is now a TT instead of a Colt.
  • The traitor now starts A Mole Among Us staying in the casino rather than in an out-of-bounds VisArea (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • Music now plays on a radio in Room 24.
  • The first floor entrance to the stairs can now be accessed without obtaining a disguise or guest card first (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • The Master Key is now on top of the drawers behind the door in Room 15, rather than on the outside of the door (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • There are now bellhops standing near the lifts on all floors rather than just the ground floor (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • There are now two extra security guards, one extra diplomat's bodyguard and one extra bellhop on the top floors. This bellhop tends to cleaning the traitor's room, and placing a Do Not Disturb sign on the door will make him restart his job and go back to cleaning Room 24 (from AG Rebirth Mod).

Red Dragon
  • A standard Tranquilizer gun can now be found in one of the storage rooms, which serves as one extra round for the gun you can bring with you, for the purpose of Ghost Chameleon runs.
  • There is now ambient Chinese music playing inside the restaurant and the public area near the private corridors, as well as on a radio in the kitchen (taken from Hitman: Contracts).
  • The guard who goes to the first floor toilets in the restaurant no longer gets stuck trying to leave.
  • All guards and waiters will no longer perform CPR on bodies (NPCs in Alekhine's Gun with the property "AI_CanMoveBody" were supposed to carry bodies and move them to a certain location after doing the CPR animation, but this function doesn't work properly).

Angels in Texas
  • The song "Straight Tears, No Chaser" can now be heard on a radio in the gas station.
  • Phil Munson's clothes are now properly registered as a musician disguise.
  • An easter egg can now be found in Vargas' office.
  • The biker who takes a smoke in the corner outside Vargas' office now does so a few inches away from the wardrobe, to prevent his body from glitching when you tranquilize him.
  • Created new zones for the garage and the grocery store.
  • The proprietor of the gas station now has the key to the back door.
  • The window you can open inside the club now shuts itself after a few seconds.
  • Poison can now be found sitting at the end of the counter in the grocery store. Beware - there are now two civilians inside, and they don't take kindly to burglars!
  • The grocery store's back door has been moved slightly further towards the exterior side, so it doesn't turn invisible when you open it from the outside.
  • Expanded the zone trigger for the club's front porch so it covers all of it as opposed to just the door.
  • The cook's clothes no longer register as a biker disguise.
  • Created a new system where if you sneak into the bar through one of the side entrances without being detected while wearing civilian clothes, the patrons will think the front door guards had let you in somehow. This is so you can talk to the bartender on Saboteur difficulty.

Points on the Radar
  • The soldiers patrolling outside the lighthouse will no longer get stuck at the drying fish rack - Path04 never had the ClosedPath parameter checked.
  • A nightstand inside one of the tents no longer casts sunlight.
  • The beer bottle the mechanic drinks out of no longer casts sunlight.
  • The two transmitters that are visible when you install them no longer cast sunlight.
  • You must now install transmitters on all the landing craft rather than two of them.
  • There's now a spare sailor uniform inside the lighthouse.
  • The CIA officer who sits on the ground overlooking the final landing craft now dozes off periodically.
  • Changed the model of the crate that the box of C4 rests on to an unused dynamite box model created for Black Book. Lightmaps have been updated to reflect this.
  • Restored a light in the rear of one of the huts.
  • Changed the View Distance of the food in the picnic area and the tent with the C4 explosives by 100.

Check and Mate
  • A note from Pearson instructing the prison guards about how to handle Strogov has switched desks - you can now find it on the desk in the room to the left from the cells.
  • A civilian who interacts with a coffee machine in the Investigations room now takes a drink from the machine instead of eating a donut.
  • Captain Harris and the policeman washing one of the cars in the garage are now armed.
  • There are now two black construction workers in the police station, and a Hispanic transit cop in the pump station.
  • The policeman who is seen locking the door to the basement generator room now starts patrolling the corridor after you make it through the firing range.
  • All the prison cells now have their lights on.
  • Restored some unused jobs, and fixed several Anchors.
  • Lieutenant Anderson's job where he heads for his office and stays there can now be triggered when you approach the back door to the Investigations room as well as the front door.
  • Unarmed silent takedowns are no longer possible on all seated enemies - and some of them cannot be chloroformed or strangled while sitting in their chairs.
  • Made Check and Mate more Saboteur-friendly.

Here's a video to go with it:

And here are the links:



Until ComradeReptiloid comes back, I'll continue work on the MoTmod Addon. Although, I will post a Ghost Chameleon run of all missions very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this!


I've released a quick bugfix, which I'm calling v0.051. There's not much, but here's the changelog:
  • Fixed a bug where bathroom ambience from the sauna can be heard in the public area near the private corridors and nearby VisAreas (Red Dragon).
  • A wall-mounted phone in the room with the empty suitcase is now properly on the wall (Red Dragon).
  • Outside the hut with the spare soldier uniform, you now automatically stop hugging the back wall when you touch both sides of the window as opposed to just one side (Points on the Radar).
  • Fixed a bug with the camera angle when you turn on the radio in the room next to the bar (Omerta).
  • Made several tweaks to Omerta's zones.
  • The bellhops standing near the second and third floor lifts have now been positioned a bit further away from the buttons, so their hands don't go through them when they press them (A Mole Among Us).


I've released another short update, which I'm calling v0.055, and it will be the last one before v0.06 or v0.10 depending on certain factors. Here's the changelog:
  • All floors with reflective surfaces now show character reflections.
  • Restored an unused line intended for the conversation in the bar (A Mole Among Us).
  • There are now more lampions in the starting alleyway in Red Dragon - they were attached to a layer which was set to non-exportable in the editor.
  • There's now an extra guard near the tennis court in Omerta.
  • All the kitchen cabinets now have glass casings (Omerta).
  • A chair in the checkpoint booth has been repositioned, so players don't get stuck in the corners (Points on the Radar).
  • Fixed a bug with a desk model used in Snake Born and Angels in Texas being given the wrong diffuse texture.
  • Added two new skins for Actor "GermanNurse". Feel free to play around with them in the editor.
  • Restored an unused sign intended for the police station in Check and Mate, placing several of them at the doors to the supply closets. Lightmaps have been updated to reflect this.
All the videos of my Ghost Chameleon run have been uploaded, the playlist will be posted here:

I've released a bugfix today, v0.051! The OP has been updated!Big Grin
How are you? What do you do?
Happy Halloween, v0.055 is up and the OP has been updated!Big Grin

Special thanks goes to the YouTube user "SpeedWolf". He recently did a review of Alekhine's Gun, and when I discussed certain things with him in the comments section, he mentioned he noticed a lack of character reflections in reflective floors, and no one else apparently had. Upon further investigation, I found out exactly why that was, and it has now been addressed with this latest update.

I'm now going to focus on getting the MoTmod Addon v14.0 out the door, which I'm hoping will be sometime next year, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of both MoT's localization and my decision to pick up where first AHO and then forlik left off.
I want to make it clear for myself this is a mod, and an addon (MoTmod Addon v14.0)?
What is their global difference or values and it is better to move from one to the other ?
this mod make game is very Hard on easy mode (open doors in vanilla is locked in mod, bug scripts in first mission, difficult to disguise - quickly detect and other), please fix it
Version 0.10 of the Addon is up now, but right now only the YouTube video descriptions have been updated with the links. I will post a new thread later today. I'm keeping v0.055 up because I know that it's posted by someone on the Steam Guides page.
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