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Full Version: Making a comprehensive "kill methods" guide
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I'm not looking for anything too detailed or complex. Just a neatly organized
overview of kill methods with a brief description.

Please post the others, and I'll add them here.

Mission 1: Ghosts of the Past

Doctor -
1) Ambush him in the torture room after calling the Officer outside

Officer -
1) Kill him in the courtyard after clearing any witnesses, dump him in the well
2) Get the doctor disguise, proceed with the appointment, and syringe him as
he sits in the chair
(06-10-2017 07:51 AM)Bloodrot Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not looking for anything too detailed or complex. Just a neatly organized
overview of kill methods with a brief description.

Please post the others, and I'll add them here.

Mission 1: Ghosts of the Past

Doctor -
1) Ambush him in the torture room after calling the Officer outside

Officer -
1) Kill him in the courtyard after clearing any witnesses, dump him in the well
2) Get the doctor disguise, proceed with the appointment, and syringe him as
he sits in the chair

Quick notes #1: Game not about "one room, five kill methods". This game cherishes lost concept of one room or room rotation with five ways to get in. I don't remember all intricacies of level design and I can mix up some things from my mod, but here you go:

Mission 1 - Ghost of the Past:

Doctor Hans Heinrich -

1)Kill him with an electrical car accident, when he returns after the supposed short circuit.

Prison lights go off after unexpected malfunction. The Doctor goes to take a break since he can't continue torturing prisoner. Strogov sneaks in or uses disguise to enter doctor chamber and turn electric chair on. Doctor comes back to his room and touches checking prisoner with one hand, while holding the chair with another one. Officer restores lights and doctor electrified to death. Looks like an accident to me.

2) Throw him downstairs during his break.

Doctor like to smoke when there is nothing to do. After the lights go off, he finally gets his opportunity. Doctor stands on top of the staircase, but I guess he slipped on a banana or something and fall over the rail leading to his premature death (smoking kills).

3) Killed by electricity when SS Officer leaves him.

Strogov get his prison access and notices torture room phone number. He goes down to the second floor and calls SS Officer to check on suspicious prisoner activity. Doctor alone now. Strogov in a proper Officer suit enters the room and switch electric chair power on. Doctor is dead.

AG Rebirth addictions:

4) Pushed from the bridge.

Description: Doctor likes to go out once in a while. During one of these trips strogov performs perfect assassination in a plain sight.
Note: Yes, this is possible. You must find the blind spot and manage to distract 5-6 guys at once.

5) Lure him into the changing room.

Description: No one seems to check changing room since everyone knows that window is closed and the only other way into prison guarded by dozens of soldiers. Strogov skills allow him to separate doctor from the herd and time this kill perfectly.
Note: You must time door closing times and officer and soldier rotation to lure only doctor.

6) Snipe him from the wall.

Description: After getting right disguise Strogov finds his way into officer room on the castle second floor. In the poorly lit room, he notices barely visible sniper rifle. Agent Alekhine picks a lock to get into Fichtner room. He burns the tape and escapes through the window that conveniently connected to one of the castle exterior walls. Sniper rifle scope ready to be focused on Doctor head, when he goes out next time.

Officer Martin Fichtner -

1) Poison his wine.

Description: Fichtner like any other token high-ranking military loves to eat in front of his untermensch underlings. Spoil his banquet by poisoning his drink, when no one around. During his another detour to doctor room, he finally dies in front of Strogov eyes, leaving the keys and uniform for anyone willing to take them.

2) Kill him with a syringe.

Description: Strogov in doctor uniform kills Fichtner by injecting air bubbles from the syringe (air embolism). Finally, this pesky bastard stops disturbing doctor every 2 minutes.

3) Snap his neck and push him into a well.
Description: Fichtner likes to take a piss between occasional doctor visits and drinking. Can't blame him for that. But Strogov have another opinion on that matter and uses a more radical approach to fulfill his mission.
Note: Likely you don't know this, but there is three ways into this zone in vanilla (without my mod). Any uniform when Officer is not here. Officer uniform when Fichtner bodyguard watching over the door. Any uniform if you jump from the box that located on the balcony.
You can find sledgehammer in the country yard (I think that is this zone name) and you can snipe officer from the top without anyone noticing you.

4) Lure him on doctor room staircase.

Description: Strogov can use a decoy device to separate Fichtner from his bodyguard during his visits to doctor room. Kill him in any way after that.
Note: There is a cool way to do it. You can place decoy in carefully designated spot on the staircase to lure only Officer and make him turn his face into the right direction. Then you can snipe him from library on the second floor or jump over the rails and strangle him with a garotte.

AG Rebirth addictions:

5) Push him over the rails near the library.

Description: If you want to do this on his first circle, then kill his bodyguard on the radio room staircase, time two guards and nurse on second floor.

6) Push him down staircase near the armored knight statues hall.

Description: Really easy. You must time only one soldier and kill his bodyguard.

7) Snipe him, when he goes outside.

Description: After visiting his cabinet Fichtner goes outside to hang out on the parking lot near storage. You must sneak into the ruined tower in the garden with a sniper rifle. Take aim at Fichtner head, when he sits on the bench.
Note: You can snipe him and Doctor if you hide behind the church, but only with my mod. In vanilla this zone locked by an invisible wall.

8) Kill him, when he checks painting in his cabinet.

Description: After visiting doctor Fichtner heads to his cabinet. First off you can enter officer room and his personal cabinet three main ways.
Distract soldier guard by shooting lights, whistling, using decoys, switching off lights in the corridor or luring him by entering the 2nd floor hall in Soldier, Driver or Ambal uniform. Now enter officer room and you must distract regular officers and win enough time to pick 4th difficulty lock on Fichtner office.
You can obtain Officer or Officer SS uniform from one of 7th ways to access the Officer's room. But now you need Fichtner key or distract the officer to open cabinet door. You can't hide in an Officer's room and wait before Fichtner opens door with his key, because bodyguard leaves him only after he touches the door and bodyguard knows all uniforms.
You can enter his cabinet from the exterior wall through the window and wait for him in his cabinet.

Quick note #2: I can write way more deep analysis for all levels + edit this post nicely, list all possible actions and not only brief killing methods reviews, but I need to see signs that at least one person interested in this topic. For now I just list all ways without description and without listing the ways to get in/obtain items or uniforms for next levels.

Mission 2: A Mole Among Us
Spy -
1) Push him over balcony
2) Drawn him

Mission 3: Snake Born
Adolf Krause -
1) Electrocute him
Berthold Stolz -
1) Kill him via releasing hot steam from valve
2) Push into manhole

Mission 4: Red Dragon
Terrance Show -
1) Drop chandelier on his head in opium den
2) Kill him with needles in massage parlor
3) Drawn him in sauna (2 ways)
Paul Capello -
1) Poison his food and deliver it
2) Lock him in sauna room and raise temperature
3) Drawn him in pool

Mission 5: Angels in Texas
Phil Munson-
1) Poison donuts
2) Electrocute him via replacing real guitar amplifier
3) Release metal cage on his head
Alejandro Vargas-
1) Add soporific in his drink
2) Add aphrodisiac in his drink
3) Knock him out with a bottle in courier uniform
4) Knock him out with bottle when he checks safe

Mission 6: Omerta
Marco Cataldo-
1) Poison his drink
2) Poison his drink with LSD
3) Choke him with pillow
4) Push him in garden
Domenico Margaretti-
1) Poison his drink or bottle
2) Choke him with pillow
3) Add lighter fuel into grill

Mission 7: Points on the Radar
Ortega Lopez-
1) Poison his drink
2) Choke him with pillow
3) Blow his car up
4) Push him over the rail

Mission 8: Black Book
Luis Santana-
1) Electrocute him via cutting cable and activating generator
2) Shoot gasoline tank when he near it

Mission 9: Dogs of War
Cuban Technician #1-
1) Push him into manhole
2) Kill him via releasing hot steam from valve
Cuban Technician #2-
1) Kill him with engraved knife and put into dead guard hand
Cuban Technician #3-
1) Poison his drink
2) Pour soporific in his drink and dump his body in vat with boiling water
Andrzej Adamowitz-
1) Push him down from stairs #1
2) Push him down from stairs #2

Mission 10: Check and Mate
Andrew Pearson-
1) Pour sedative in his drink
2) Shoot him from tranquilizer

Mission 11: You Only Live Twice
Bruce Gardner-
1) Push him over the rail
2) Poison his drink
Head of Conspiracy-
1) Inject Kd22
Hey, here you have it:

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