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Full Version: Do you love games?
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I am new guy here and simply interested to know your taste of playing different kind of games. I always like to play video games everyday more than 3 hours. And when don't have any work it goes over 6 hours per day. What about you?

Also do you follow any gaming website, if yes, which? Thanks!
hello Big Grin

I sure do love games! I play many genres.

Stealth (Splinter Cell,Hitman,Death to spies,Thief,Dishonored,Prisoner of War,Metal Gear)
Tactical Shooters (Rainbow Six,Ghost Recon,SWAT,Brothers in Arms,Commandos)
FPS (Call of Duty (old WW2 ones, ) Medal of Honor (old classics)Noonelivesforever,Soldieroffortune,IGI,XIII,FarCry,Vietcong,FEAR,Darkne​ss,Bulletstorm,Serious Sam)
Old 3D FPS (Doom,Blood,Shadow Warrior,Duke,Riseofthetriad,outlaws,Wolfenstein)
RPG/Action (Deus Ex,Alpha Protocol,Riddick,Hidden & Dangerous,Vampire Bloodlines, SystemShock,BioshockThe Witcher)
Action (Max Payne,Mafia,Saboteur,Spec Ops)
Old lucasarts point and click *IndianaJones,Day of the tentacle,monkey island,Full throttle) and the Wolf Among us from TT

If i do have the spare time i try and play as much as i possibly can, i cant tell you the exact hour, cause time flies when im having fun, but it could be close to 6-8h

I don't follow many gaming sites, i dislike most of them cause they do a bad job at announcing games and posting good reviews or articles.
I do occasionally visit sites like Gamespot,IGN,PCGamer for news/announcements and such.

RockPaperShotgun is pretty good , and a new site called OnlySP looks promising
When i want to find games i usually search on sites like Mobygames,Gamefaqs.
I also love to play different kind of game myself. And always looks for a better site where I can easily find lot's of games at a time. Do you have any sources?
I mention some at the end of my post.
Okey! Thank you for your efforts and help. I would like to share a site with you which is about gaming website. Please take a look here http://www.funnytowers.com.
Looks like shit to be honest, filled with ads and crappy adgames.

Don't recommend clicking on the link.
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