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Full Version: Any one got saved game files for this game?
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I really want them Sad
why do you need it?
(04-13-2016 12:05 PM)Alexey Wrote: [ -> ]why do you need it?

Not wanna complete the 4th mission Sad
Is there a specific reason about mission 4 ? (It's personally one of my favorite mission, as it's pretty big and dense)

I will post my save soon.
Here's my save folder : https://mega.nz/#!t45XnZxb!JcKcPuPtJL6tQ...EY4sDO2c0A

The profile save should unlock all the missions and there are also a lot of saves at the end of near each mission if you just want to skip the mission 4 (made those saves to be able to quickly check the cutscenes once the french localization patch will be released).
Hey thank you buddy for your attached link here.
The 4th mission is one of the best in my opinion.
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