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Full Version: Shadwen, Free Demo, Limited Time Only
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There's a free demo for a new stealth game called Shadwen which you can try out now. You can either get it on GOG or Steam.

Here's some more information:


I say limited time only, because apparently it's going to be in stores until February 29th. They want to get more people to participate in the global community scores. So get your free demo today and see how high you can score. The higher the global scores, the lower the price for the final game will be.
The limited time is there to know how long the " lower the price contest" for the demo will last, you can play the Demo forever though.
There is no release date yet, somewhere in 2016, if i had to guess, it would be late this year.

I played the Demo, its pretty good, i didn't like the escort part though, i hope the final game will have less of that.
Here's my playthrough of the demo:

The game is officially going to come out next month, and it will also be available on PS4!
Free demo how much time it's validity?
(04-16-2016 02:48 PM)Carion2 Wrote: [ -> ]Free demo how much time it's validity?

You can play the demo right now, the limited time only came from the contest they held.
The game will officially come out on the 17th!
awesome, thanks for the update.
I will be getting it from GOG, DRM free!!!
The game is out downloading from GOG its about 5gb.
Downloading on Steam now. Sadly, I won't be spending much time on it, only have one day before I set off.
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