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What do you like and dislike about the game?
MoT is a big improvement over the original Death to Spies. It can be compared to Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty, a standalone mission pack for the first Commandos game, in that there are many gameplay features and improvements over the original game.

Foremost among the improvements are the massive amount of voiced dialogue, Strogov's sneaking speed is faster, running is no longer suspicious on higher difficulty levels, you can put clothes into a backpack, you can attack all NPCs from the front, and you now have an unlimited supply of stones.

The down side is that not all missions can be completed on Saboteur difficulty without having to go through a densely populated area where being detected is extremely high. I'll add some complaints about playing King's Riddle and Shefferd on Saboteur difficulty.

King's Riddle: The ventilation system in the submarine base, as well as the sluice may provide stealthy infiltrations, but one area that does not have a back door is the submarine. You have to go through the docks, which are heavily populated and you have to distract and kill or stun a lot of guards, just to get inside the submarine.

Shefferd: Let's start with the building next to Tsavalov's house. It's very difficult to go up the stairs without being seen by the construction workers just to get to the roof and lower the crane, and then heading back down again just to put the decoy body on the platform, and then heading back up to raise it again. Now for Tsavalov's house. Once I blow up the room where Tsavalov is being held, it's impossible to escape the house via the plank connecting the two buildings before the guards arrive. I had to neutralise all the guards inside the house before I blew up the room just to get a head start.
(05-29-2013 04:15 PM)Liz Shaw Wrote: [ -> ]MoT is a big improvement over the original Death to Spies.

Well, you are right about Sabouter difficulty. It's hardcore. But with a lot of patience it can be done on all levels. I did it myself with Sabouter difficulty and wolfhound rating.

I don't remember exactly already, but King's Riddle took me more then 3-4 hours on sabouter difficulty to complete.

What's your favourite mission?
(05-31-2013 05:30 PM)Alexey Wrote: [ -> ]What's your favourite mission

In the case of MoT, Dora is my favourite, both because of its setting (Bletchley Park) and the fact that you can complete this mission without knocking out anyone even on Saboteur difficulty.
(05-31-2013 05:30 PM)Alexey Wrote: [ -> ]What's your favourite mission?
As for me, "King's Riddle" is my favorite in MoT and "Cannibal" in DtS.
I really like it a lot but what I didnt like was the fact that it was easier than the first one, you didnt have to slow really slow to kill an enemy from behind like in the first one and that took a lot of difficult from the game other than that I think it was an amazing game, Dora mission was my favorite (i think it was the one in the embassy of usa or something like that)
I like the game.
[Image: 10.1458151758.jpg]
Great game ) Bugs to fix and all will be good ) are being Planned DLC ?
game 2008
(03-17-2016 02:38 PM)adolf Wrote: [ -> ]game 2008

Мне больше интересно возможно ли портировать старые части на этот движок от Alekhine's Gun

Или разработчики не пойдут на это так как некоторые права на игру принадлежат 1 С ?
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О вы тут даже видео выкладываете своё )
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